Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the main benefit of an app?

That depends on why you want to contact people. A school might use their app to alert all parents to the exact time school closes at the end of term—so dozens of parents don’t need to call the office and ask!

Perhaps there’s been an emergency so parents need to collect their children straight away? Or it could be something more mundane: a cancellation due to weather or just a reminder of the PTA meeting tonight.

There are lots of other benefits here.

How much effort is required to maintain this app?

Would you believe, none at all! All the app content is updated automatically from your website. Obviously, you do need to log in to send a pop-up message!

Is there any limit on how many “push” or pop-up messages we send?

However, it’s important not to inundate your users with messages. Some of them will want only emergency notifications. Others will be happy to hear whatever message you care to send. So, it’s a bit of a balancing act!

How much does the app cost?

For the people who use your app, not a penny! They download it FREE from either the Apple or Google Play sites.

How long does it take to set a new app up?

Typical time from sale to “go live” is around 4 weeks. This includes time required by Apple and Google to test and approve your app before they make it available for downloading.

What sort of phone do our people need?

Most phones these days handle much more than just text messages and phone calls! They’re called smartphones, and they can display web content just like any computer. The app works perfectly on a tablet e.g. iPad too.
The only other requirement is that the phone is either on WiFi or has some kind of data plan provided by their phone provider.

Which smartphones does the app work on?

Iphone (IOS) and Android (Google) phones are supported.

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