Imagine! Your own smartphone app, fully integrated with your business, organisation or school’s website

Everyone’s talking “apps” these days. Wherever we take our smartphone, we automatically take our chosen apps.

So imagine if your business or organisation could message your “followers” with an important announcement or special deal?

You probably have a website, but people don’t rush there for news & updates. These days, busy people expect such info to be delivered straight to their smartphones.

Now, there’s get App and GO!
… bringing key content from your website together with the ability to “push” notifications to your people!
(You might think of push notifications as pop-up messages on your phone.)

Who will use get App and GO?

  • Schools wanting to keep parents in touch with important messages, whether an emergency announcement, or the postponement of the swimming sports due to the weather, or a simple reminder of the annual School Fair next weekend.
  • Businesses with customers who want regular, brief, relevant messages sent directly to them
  • Clubs of all sorts, keen to advise or remind their members of events or meetings
  • Organisations of all sorts wishing to send brief, timely messages to people who “follow” them